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File name Size Date
GBA_Backup_Tool_021204.0 KB03-31-2009 00:47:07
Rudolph's GBA Backup Tool v0.21 (2008/10/26)
liborganya58.9 KB11-30-2011 01:38:13
This is my modified copy of liborganya, which seems to have vanished from its original repository. It now uses blip-buf, and iostream for file reading. A patch is included to alter it for use with foo_input_org.
NDS_Backup_Tool_3in1_031211.0 KB03-16-2009 22:20:52
Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool 3in1 v0.31 (2008/1/29)
NDS_Backup_Tool_Slot2_04411.3 KB03-16-2009 23:10:12
Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool Slot2 v0.4 (2008/12/28)
NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi_031f207.9 KB03-16-2009 22:11:02
Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f (2008/6/21)
OpenMPT_117RC2k54_Source1.5 MB02-19-2009 21:39:16
OpenMPT modified for better MIDI/DLS support.
QuickNES489.7 KB04-18-2012 00:21:10
A fast NES emulator with real-time rewind support. Core and NTSC filter library by Blargg.
sfpacker295.2 KB08-09-2012 20:43:00
A SoundFont compression and decompression tool for use with foo_midi or the latest BASSMIDI system driver.
smooth_app245.0  B08-16-2012 06:12:22
AutoIt script to force Logitech Flow Scroll application into unsmoothed high resolution mode at all times.
spuHighExp58.2 KB07-11-2010 02:32:56
Highly Experimental PSEmu Pro SPU plug-in
turok2_music_fix182.1 KB04-08-2008 22:05:40
A simple fix for Turok 2 so music will work under Windows XP.

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